About us
About us
Viza Electronics provides design, marketing, sourcing and product solutions to industrial, commercial and consumer users of electronics worldwide.

Viza Electronics engages a wide range of companies considering small, medium and top branded OEMs and EMS companies among its customers globally.

Viza Electronics provides custom and semi-custom design services to OEMs, ODMs and EMS companies worldwide.  Viza's R&D team combined with the industry's most technically advanced engineers of their field offer our customers optimized solutions to their design, marketing and manufacturing challenges.

Viza Electronics markets and sources products to our customers directly, through manufacturers' representatives/agents and through Global Electronics Distributors providing Viza with over 100 sales engineers actively engaging our customers' locations worldwide.

Founded in 2006 initially to provide globally transparent sourcing solutions to North American OEMs, Viza Electronics' customers and supply chain today span over 5 continents. Viza Electronics operates from our Asia and North American Headquarters locations in Singapore and North Carolina, USA under Viza Electronics Pte Ltd and Viza Electronics LLC, respectively.  Viza Electronics has regional offices in China, Hong Kong, India, Singapore, Taiwan, UK, and USA and operates 24 hours per day, 7 days per week around the globe.

Viza Electronics is...
"Providing 21st Century Solutions to the Electronics Industry Worldwide"