Viza Electronics launches Cheetah Gear through asset acquisition
posted on 2011-03-07 20:52:41
Viza Electronics announces asset acquisition of Cheetah Cables® under newly formed Cheetah Gear Pte Ltd.
Technical innovator and global consumer electronics leader join forces to provide fast, ultra thin intelligent HDMI cables and high technology accessories

Consumer Electronics Show Las Vegas, NV – January 6, 2011 – Viza Electronics Pte Ltd, a leader in innovative products and solutions for the electronics industry, today announced the asset acquisition of Cheetah Cables Inc and Cheetah Cables Ltd. – Under this agreement, Cheetah Gear Pte Ltd, a newly formed Singapore entity will assume certain assets of Cheetah Cables and will create a new division of the company to manufacture and market a line of fast, ultra thin, high performance active HDMI cables. Eric Johnson former CEO of Cheetah Cables Inc and Cheetah Cables Ltd has accepted the position of President, Cheetah Gear Pte Ltd and will lead all operational efforts worldwide.
Cheetah Gear will expand Cheetah Cables’ next generation of High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) cable technology. Combining embedded cable intelligence with a sleek, fast, ultra thin design, Cheetah cables deliver high performance and usability at a value price and are ideal for imaging, HD home theater, computing, gaming systems and portable applications.
The advent of HDMI active cables allows for the video signal to be transmitted without significant loss, beyond the original cable length limitations of the first generation HDMI cables – finally a cable that can provide the quality of signal required by high performance displays. HDMI Active cables contain special circuitry built within the cable that provides signal equalization and correction as needed, opening up the possibilities of using much thinner cables over short distances or going much longer distances. The reduced weight of the Cheetah Gear HDMI cables, as compared to standard HDMI cables, makes them ideal for portable applications such as connecting a portable media player or gaming console to a television.
The newly formed cables division of Cheetah Gear will focus on Active HDMI Cables which features the latest high-speed HDMI 1.4 technology. The adoption of HDMI – high-bandwidth, unidirectional, uncompressed digital interface standards – continues to gain ground across the consumer electronics (CE) segment. HDMI has been adopted nearly universally in digital televisions with significant growth in notebook computers, netbooks, computer high speed professional graphics cards, set top boxes, gaming platforms such as PS3 and Xbox and portable CE devices including digital camcorders, digital still cameras and media players. According to In-Stat, the multi-billion dollar mobile phone market is expected to ship over 2 Million HDMI enabled phones over the next year.
“I am excited about the acquisition and the future potential of Cheetah Gear’s consumer products. With the explosion of consumer electronic applications requiring HDMI, the addition of Cheetah Cables portfolio of products is well positioned to take advantage of this rapidly expanding market,” said Eric Johnson, President of Cheetah Gear. “We are expanding the line of consumer products offered by Cheetah cables division which will include high performance connectors and adaptors. Our cables are one of the thinnest, fastest and smartest currently available HDMI cables and are competitively priced. They are the ideal solution for high performance, high growth and portable applications.”
Cheetah Cables deliver optimum performance via an ultra thin cable. Cheetah Cables enable a guaranteed 10.2Gbs over 1/3 the size cable diameter up to 5 meters in length and is available in standard-to-standard, for connecting your TV to a cable box, Blu-ray player, laptop/pc, or gaming console, or standard-to-micro connectors, for connecting your TV to a digital or video camera. Unlike passive cables, Cheetah Cables come standard with Dynamic Adaptive Equalization™ for improved bandwidth performance and enhanced audio/video capabilities.
“The addition of Cheetah Cables to Cheetah Gear gives us a very strong position in the HDMI market” said Jeffrey Skill, CEO of Cheetah Gear. “Cheetah Gear is ready to further expand into the HDMI market, featuring Cheetah’s on-board cable intelligence for guaranteed optimal HD performance at the industry’s highest current speed level. Cheetah Gear will be announcing several new and innovative products in 2011. The engineering team at Cheetah Cables has delivered a consumer electronics product with significant innovation and market leading performance”
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Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Singapore, the privately funded company designs, manufactures and markets high technology consumer accessories including ultra active cable technologies to cable brands, retail and specialty markets. Cheetah Gear Pte Ltd is an innovative leader and provides high performance and ultra thin HDMI cable convenience to the gaming, home/office computing and portables markets. Cheetah Gear brings together one of the most experienced executive and manufacturing teams in consumer electronics. For more information visit
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